2.28 Transfer Case Gear Set
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2.28 Transfer Case Gear Set

Model: 100127-1-KIT
Price: $181.91 $173.25

With low geared rock crawling and high speed rock racing, we have seen many failures from the OEM 2.28 stock gears. Many of these failures could have been avoided by simply replacing the 30 year old OEM gears and bearings. Traditionally, no one except Toyota sold the replacement parts. Purchasing them from Toyota is just not affordable, and they are not always in stock. Trail-Gear has fired up the gear cutting machine and is now proudly offering the industry's first aftermarket 2.28 replacement transfer case gears.

These gears will not only breathe new life into your 30-year-old transfer case, but they will also give you confidence while driving through even the most difficult of obstacles.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Low Speed Gear
  • (1) 21 Spline Input Gear
  • (1) Countershaft Gear

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