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Classic Front Lift Kit
Our "Classic" lift kit is designed for first generation 1979 - 1985 factory solid axle trucks and..
$1,211.65 $1,153.95
Classic Rear Lift Kit
Our rear lift kits are designed to match our front IFS Eliminator kits and classic lift kits. For..
$825.77 $786.45
Clevis End Kit
Our Clevis End Kit is the most complete and affordable kit on the market.  All hardware is i..
$115.76 $110.25
Clutch Hydraulics
Replacement clutch master and slave cylinders. High quality OEM parts. Available options: ..
$76.07 $72.45
Coped Weld On Flat Tab
Our 3" coped weld on flat tab is made from 1020 hot rolled steel, is a beefy 1/4" thick, and is d..
$31.97 $30.45
Creeper Breather - Differential Breather Kit
Prevents dirt, debris and water from getting in to your axle through the stock axle housing breat..
$20.95 $19.95
Creeper Flange Kit
Heavy duty drive flanges for Toyota solid front axles. These flanges are much stronger then facto..
$164.27 $156.45
Creeper Gussets Kit
Large tires and rough driving can bend the outer knuckle ends, damaging your front solid axle. Th..
$48.51 $46.20
Creeper Joint Shackle Mount
Creeper Joints are also available in a shackle mount for use with leaf springs. Using a Creeper J..
$98.12 $93.45
Creeper Joints
These heavy duty rod ends are ideal for today's flexible suspension systems. Super strong, Creepe..
$44.10 $42.00
Creeper Joint™ Drive Shaft U-Joints
Trail-Gear now offers the strongest U-Joint on the market. We took the stock U-joint and kicked i..
$43.00 $40.95
Creeper Locks™
What are Creeper Locks? Creeper Locks are Trail-Gear's very own, super strong, heavy duty wheels...
$362.72 $345.45
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