Tube Thimbles
Tube Thimbles
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Tube Thimbles

Model: 180522-KIT
Price: $11.03 $10.50


Synthetic winch line is expensive to replace so it is important to protect your line and make it last as long as possible. We at Trail-Gear understand that, so we developed a stainless steel tube thimble that will protect your line and keep it from twisting and fraying at the ends.

Our tube thimble is easy to install. Simply cut your line down a few inches until you have a new clean piece of line, push the line through the thimble and then braid the line so that the thimble is in place. Thimbles are offered for both 5/16" and 3/8" winch line.

Available Options:

  • Tube Thimble, 5/16", 180522-KIT
  • Tube Thimble, 3/8", 180523-KIT

Non-tube thimbles can be crushed and ruined more easily.

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