Weld On Steering Wheel Disconnect
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Weld On Steering Wheel Disconnect

Model: 130326-KIT
Price: $31.97 $30.45


Trail-Gear's weld on steering wheel disconnect uses a solid billet steel hex shaft that you weld over your existing steering shaft or steering column. Then you would bolt our billet aluminum quick disconnect unit to your steering wheel. This system allows you to quickly disconnect your steering wheel by simply pushing a button on the quick disconnect.

Our weld on steering wheel disconnect is ideal for buggies and truggies on dirt, mud, or sand. Competition tested and used by some of the world’s top drivers, you cannot go wrong with this product. Available in 3/4" O.D. shaft or 7/8" O.D. shaft.

Kit Includes:

  • Weld-on steel hex shaft (1)
  • Aluminum disconnect unit (1)
  • Lock washers (3)
  • Zink plated 5/16"-18x3/4" Socket head Cap screws (3)

Note: Mounting circle on steering wheel is 1-3/4” Diameter.

Available Options:

  • Steering Wheel Disconnect, 3/4" O.D., 130326-KIT
  • Steering Wheel Disconnect, 7/8" O.D., 130328-KIT

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