Creeper Locks™ Beadlock Rings
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Creeper Locks™ Beadlock Rings

Model: 142001-1-KIT
Price: $142.22 $135.45


Trail-Gear has added the option of purchasing the Beadlock Rings separately so wheelers may replace their Beadlock Rings that have been abused and damaged on the trail. Customers now have the option of purchasing the entire Creeper Lock™ wheel with their choice of Beadlock Ring in Polished Aluminum or anodized, corrosion-resistant Burnt Orange, or purchasing just the Beadlock in either option for replacement purposes.

Trail-Gear also now offers a Creeper Lock™ Replacement Ring Hardware Kit which includes 100 each of Beadlock Bolts and Washers.

Available options:

  • 17" Aluminum Beadlocked Ring, Polished Aluminum, 142001-1-KIT
  • 17" Aluminum Beadlocked Wheel, Anodized Burnt Orange, 140440-1-KIT
  • 17" Aluminum Beadlocked Ring, Anodized Black, 300432-KIT
  • Creeper Lock Replacement Hardware Kit, 140441-1-KIT

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