5.5" Extreme-Duty Long Arm Suspension System - No Shocks - RE6300
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5.5" Extreme-Duty Long Arm Suspension System - No Shocks - RE6300

Model: RE6300
Price: $2,022.02 $1,920.92

The Rubicon Express Extreme-Duty Long Arm suspension system is the ultimate suspension system for the XJ Cherokee. Designed to be a complete suspension replacement that utilizes longer control arms to improve lifted suspension geometry. This system will offer you superior stability on and off road, reduced torque roll, axle steer and suspension jacking as well as offering enhanced traction compared to standard short arm lift kits. The Rubicon Express Extreme-Duty long arm suspension system for the XJ features the innnovative Rubicon Express three-piece crossmember for easy transfer case and transmission access, front Extreme-Duty Radius Long Arm's with the serviceableSuper-Flex spherical ball joints, heavy-duty track bar, heavy-duty track bar bracket brace, and Gen II disconnects.

  • Adjustable chromoly front long arms and extreme-duty upper control arms
  • New PT-Meg Super-Ride bushings
  • Serviceable Super-Flex spherical ball joints
  • Innovative cross member provides excellent ground clearance and stout control arm mounting points
  • Includes tuned coil and leaf springs, adjustable H.D. front track bar, swaybar disconnects, bumpstops and stainless steel brake lines
  • SYE and rear CV driveshafts available
  • Designed for on and off-road performance
  • Rubicon Express Advantage Lifetime Warranty
  • 5.5in. Lift Height
  • Max Tire Size: 33" x 12.50

Installation Instructions

Important Information

  • Vehicle will require alignment after kit is installed.
  • Rear pinion shims required if CV driveshaft used
  • Any tire wider than a 10.50 will need a BSM of 4-4.75"
  • Kit comes standard with D35 axle U-bolts.
  • For Peugeot trans RM21790 is needed.
  • For NP242 transfer case RM21785 is needed.
  • 97-01Cherokees have smaller fender openings. Next size down tire size recommended.
  • Over 3.5-inches of lift on a full-time NP242 unit may cause unacceptable vibrations on the front driveshaft, when driven in ”part-time” or locked constant use 4WD.
  • All ride height increases are approximate and will vary due to vehicle specification (Engine size, factory options, trail equipment, etc).
  • For C8.25 or D44 U-bolts order kit with RE1225.

Parts Included in RE6300

Part No Qty Description
RE1141 1 Gen2 Sway Bar Disconnects TJ 2.0”-3.5”/ XJ/ZJ 4.5”-5.5”
RE1345 1 Coil Springs Front XJ 5.5”/ ZJ 4.0”/Pair
RE1383 1 Bump Stop Lower Front/ Rear TJ/LJ/XJ/ZJ 3.0”/Pair
RE1462 2 Leaf Spring W/Bushing Extreme-Duty Rear XJ 4.5”
RE1515 1 Stainless Steel 18" Rear Brake Line XJ/ZJ
RE1550 1 Stainless Steel 22" Front Brake Line Set TJ/LJ/XJ/MJ/ZJ/CJ 82-86
RE1660 1 Track Bar Adjustable Extreme-Duty Front XJ/ZJ 4.5"-7.5"
RE1665 1 Track Bar Bracket Front XJ/ZJ 4.5"-7.5"
RE1670 1 Track Bar Bracket Brace XJ
RE2421 1 U-Bolt Kit Rear YJ/XJ D35
RE2500 1 Pitman Arm YJ/TJ/LJ/XJ W/Power Steering 3.5"+
RE2700 1 Shackle Rear Greaseable 5" XJ/ Pair
RE4000 1 Control Arm Front Adjustable Lower Left Extreme-Duty/ Single
RE4010 1 Control Arm Front Adjustable Lower Right Extreme-Duty/ Single
RE4020 1 Control Arm Front Adjustable Upper Extreme-Duty TJ/LJ/XJ/MJ/ZJ/ Pair
RE9920 1 Crossmember Kit Front Long Arm XJ
RE9921 1 Sway Bar Relocation Brackets XJ/ Pair
RE9922 1 Crossmember Kit W/Inst Front Long Arm XJ


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