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This ARB line repair kit is necessary when you have large sections of air line to replace or when..
$37.49 $35.70
Replacement 12V ARB Air Locker Switch body. Perfect for use with Air Lockers or the Trail-Gear Re..
$12.13 $11.55
Replacement 12-volt ARB electric air Solenoid. Perfect for use with Air Lockers or the Trail-Gear..
$66.15 $63.00
Permanently mounted, this onboard air compressor is installed into your truck and includes a full..
$289.96 $276.15
With 30 spline birfields, six stud knuckles, and chromo hub gears or drive flanges, the next weak..
$61.74 $58.80
All new parts, no used housings or internal parts. Ready to drop into your axle. Third members fe..
$770.65 $733.95
Axle loop ratchet straps are a great way to attach your trail rig to the trailer. One end wraps a..
$36.38 $34.65
The brake backing plates can be a bother on front Toyota solid axles. They often get bent from tr..
$20.95 $19.95
Long travel shocks are an important part of a flexible off road suspension system. Bilstein shock..
$93.71 $89.25
This snap ring goes on the outer stub shaft of your birfield and keeps the birfield from drifting..
$4.13 $3.94
Trail-Gear now offers fully welded Rock Slider kits for Tacoma Extra-cab Pickups. Made from 1 3/4..
$307.60 $292.95
Have you installed lower transfer case gears in your Samurai? Lower than stock transfer case gear..
$38.59 $36.75